How Viesso Is Green

Eco Materials for Green Furniture

When creating Viesso, we aligned ourselves with other companies that share the same passion for the environment. With all the products we design and produce for our Viesso line, we make them as Green as possible. Check the How It’s Green tab at the bottom of every product page to see specific details for the individual product. Below is additional information on some of the high quality materials we use on our Green furniture:

Locally Sourced Alder Frame

All of the frames for our upholstered goods are made with wood from Green sources.


The base material for all our exposed wood products including Green beds, tables and desks is bamboo plywood. Bamboo is considered a grass and from an environmental standpoint, this is important because is grows so quickly. Unlike traditional hardwoods, bamboo does not require replanting. Mature bamboo has an extensive root system that continues to send up new shoots without any outside manipulation. The natural grain on the bamboo highlights the eco-friendly stains that we apply to it, and its durability as a wood creates a piece that will last. The process used to create the plywood is called a “hot process”, where they heat and attach the layers of bamboo to each other. Some formaldehyde is used for structural integrity, but the amount is below E1 European standards which are stricter than the US standards. Any off-gasing occurs when the wood is being made, not at the time it is used for one of our products.

FSC Certified Maple

The wood we use for the inner structure of our exposed wood products along with the bamboo is FSC certified maple. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) focuses on the specific practices associated with growing and harvesting trees such as providing stream buffers, protecting wildlife habitat and preventing soil erosion. The FSC label enables consumers to choose forest products with the confidence that they are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests.

Natural Latex

In the customization part of our website, upholstered products have a designated filter in the filling section just for “Green” filling options. Simply click on the filter labeled “Type” and select the category “Green (Environmentally Friendly)”. Natural latex comes from the sap of rubber trees, and is a naturally derived biodegradable product. Bacteria, mildew, and mold cannot live in latex foam, so it is very resilient and durable. Latex provides a very comfortable sit just like the standard option we carry (polyurethane foam), but is not produced from synthetic materials. We cover our natural latex with eco wool to provide a natural fire insulator, as no fire retardants are in the natural latex. As costs continue to work in our favor, we will soon only use natural latex for all of our products, with polyurethane foam not even being offered.

Natural Down & Feathers

Our feather/down fill options (the 25% down and the 50% down) both consist of all feathers and down. These feathers are considered byproducts of birds that are being raised for food and other reasons. All the feathers and down are thoroughly cleaned with non-toxic substances before being put into filling cases.

Recycled or Natural Fibers

For our Green sofas, Viesso carries fabrics that are either: A. made from recycled materials, B. made from natural materials or C. manufactured in a manner that reduces environmental impact. In the Eco-Friendly part of our website, the upholstered products have a designated filter in the fabrics section just for “Green” fabrics. Simply click on the filter labeled “by eco-friendly” and select the category that matches what you are most interested in. The Green fabrics that meet the above qualifications will only be shown.

No Fire Retardants

With all the Eco sofas, beds, and other upholstered furniture, we use the all natural latex. Because of this no fire retardants are applied to furniture since none is used on the natural latex. However, to pass the state fire code requirements, we wrap our natural latex (frame and cushions) with eco wool. Natural latex is inherently much less flammable than polyurethane foam, and with the wool buffer around the latex, it has a very slow burn time. And most importantly you don't have any harmful chemicals introduced into your home.

Water Based Glue

We use water-based glues on our upholstered and exposed wood products. Water-based adhesives emit far less VOC’s (Volatile Organic compounds) than their conventional solvent based counterparts. An adhesive that offers low to zero VOCs will be less toxic less odorous, and less flammable.

Green Wood Stains and Sealants

We use stains and finishes on our exposed wood pieces that are solvent-free and contain no biocides or preservatives, only aliphatic low-odor mineral spirits for less toxic results. Made with polyx oil, they’re engineered with plant oils and waxes. The clear coat sealants we use are water-based, non hazardous and non flammable.

Recycling Your Furniture

Using only high quality materials, we don’t expect to see any products discarded for some time. Until the pieces can no longer be used, the best course of action for ecologically aware consumers is to sell or give their goods to another consumer, thereby avoiding disposal altogether. However, should a product require disposal, we are currently establishing a comprehensive program whereby consumers can return their Viesso goods for complete recycling at no charge. Until such a program is finalized, we are happy to talk with our customers about returning their products to ensure proper reuse of as many parts as possible.

Carbon Emissions Offset Program

At the end of each year, we tally up the total number of miles that we shipped our products, and the specs of the items shipped, and then donate money to the That money goes to our choice of projects, which has been planting new trees in years past. We're happy to give back a little since many of our orders and shipments are not local ones.

Carbon Emissions Offset Program

Extreme Green: Furniture, al natural

How to make a sofa extremely Green using all natural materials

All upholstered Viesso products such as beds, sofas, and benches, are made with natural elements like jute webbing and a cotton seat deck, instead of the usual synthetic counterparts.

In addition, we offer Green materials on all the other parts of our furniture. If you choose the following in our customizer, you can make your Viesso product 100% natural, from the inside out:

Filling - 25% down feather blend or 100% natural latex
Fabric - cotton, wool, hemp, linen
Legs - wood
Frame - 100% natural latex

By making Extreme Green Viesso furniture, you’ll utilize the planet’s natural materials and put a more environmentally friendly product into the world.

With the all natural latex products, no fire retardants are applied to the latex. However, to pass the state fire code requirements, we wrap our natural latex with wool. Natural latex is inherently much less flammable than polyurethane foam, and with the wool buffer around the latex, it has a very slow burn time.

Built in Los Angeles

All of Viesso’s products, including all upholstered and case goods, are built entirely in Los Angeles. Some of the materials (fabric and leather) are produced outside of the US, but they are cut and upholstered fully in Los Angeles. We build locally for several very good reasons:

It keeps our lead time shorter
It allows us to maintain higher quality than building in other countries
It impacts the environment less by reducing the need to ship overseas
It supports the local economy

While some companies opt to build in other, less expensive countries, we are proud to build our custom pieces right here in Los Angeles.