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India IND-10 Rug by Chandra
India IND-10 Rug
  • India IND-10 Rug by Chandra
  • India IND-10 Rug by Chandra, showing corner of rug.

India IND-10 Rug

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A hand-woven contemporary rug.
about Chandra
  • Size 1: 24"W x 36"L, 3 lbs
    Size 2: 30"W x 90"L, 5 lbs
    Size 3: 42"W x 66"L, 6 lbs
    Size 4: 60"W x 90"L, 12 lbs
    Size 5: 93"W x 126"L, 30 lbs
  • Materials: Made of Cotton which provides durable and mid-pile is soft feel, wide range of colors, ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Content: Cotton

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