In these more brisk months, we’re looking to new additions in our interior design in order to bring some warmth back into the home. Décor Aid’s interior designers were tasked with taking a look at some of Viesso’s best pieces and curated a list of new additions for your space that will undoubtedly make you feel right at home. Read on to see the top picks in comfortable home furniture that is sure to delight.


Verve Table/Floor Lamp


It’s no secret that traditional Japanese inspired paper lanterns are trending right now, but this multi-purpose table and floor lamp elevates the style to a familiar mid-century modern feel, making it easy to incorporate into your space. This simple silhouette doesn’t feel cold or bare, and instead encourages a lighter-than-air feeling through the streamlined shape. Lighting is crucial to make a space feel more welcoming and provide warmth, so the addition of a lantern like this in the laid-back form of a floor or table lamp provides a necessary luxury.


With its semi-opaque paper, the light seems to bring a warm glow instead of a harsh brightness, and with a nod to Japanese influence and mid-century modern design, the clean lines and crisp white add a fresh feel to the space. The oak wood in the stand is soft and light, bringing a natural spirit to the piece as well.


This lamp’s delicate size makes it ideal to be placed atop a nightstand for a bit of extra light, but also has enough of a presence to be used as a floor lamp on its own, gently complementing a seating arrangement.




Reflect Hand Loomed Rug


Color is one of the most direct ways to add warmth, so look to pieces that can add comfort through their use of familiar shades. The Reflect Hand-Loomed Rug incorporates soft hues of purple and yellow, paired with an array of earthy tones, providing enough versatility to build an entire room around. This rug also works well with both dark and light hardwood flooring because of the deep shades at play, but with light intensity. It will pop against a light wood but provide contrast for a darker one.


The earthy tones in this rug act as the perfect base for your room, and allow it to gain some warmth from the ground up. It will also act like a soft complementary accent to the space instead of pulling attention from the scheme of the room, so the natural colors will have you at-ease instead of distracted. The hand-loomed nature also adds charm and artistry, which have a comfort all their own.




Rebecca Wood Arm Chair in Orange Wool

A classic mid-century silhouette that doesn’t skimp on comfort, the Rebecca Wood Arm Chair boasts a familiar silhouette in a relaxed form. Mid-century furniture can at times appear threadbare, with not enough cushioning to create a comfortable seat. This piece however creates a thick cradle with a deep set seat and a slightly reclined back so that you aren’t forced upright. The trusted, smooth silhouette is warm and encourages you slide right into the seat.


Our designers suggest going for a more vivid color to act as an accent, like Orange wool. The warmth in this shade is undeniable, and when paired with an addition like the Reflect Hand Loomed Rug, will enrich the colors within both pieces. This shade dares to be noticed and brings a sunny disposition to any space.


Sweep Rattan Round Basket


As the perfect home for your miscellaneous decor, rattan baskets always seem to convey a cozy charm. Whether your childhood was peppered with rattan beach chairs or your backyard was filled with rattan patio furniture, something about the material inspires a twinge of nostalgia for the outdoors. The unrefined appearance gives a natural feel that allows you to get a bit more comfortable in your space, and setting one by a lounge chair with easy access to toss a few books or blankets in doesn’t make you feel obligated organize all your items neatly.


Our designers love using rattan baskets as a way to display decor that isn’t being used, but still add to the room. For example, a big plush blanket that complements your couch so well needn’t be banished to a trunk or a drawer, and books you’ve finished reading can still act as decorative items. You can also find a new home for a climbing plant or an unruly stack of magazines.

Stacked Storage Unit


Looking for a relaxed way to display decor without it appearing cramped or crowded? The light shades of this white oak storage unit feel fresh and bring a breezy approach through bright neutrals. While some bookcases appear bulky and just take up space, this stacked storage unit is thin and low, providing enough space for you to display your most precious items in style.


Fill an empty corner of the space that needs direction, or use the unit as an improvised divider between designated areas of the room. The backless open areas within the unit also allow for sunlight to stream through instead of blocking it out, creating a lighter, brighter, and warmer space.