Best Custom Furniture in Los Angeles? We’ll let our clients take this one. At Viesso, we always have our ear to the ground to hear what people are thinking about our brand. The more we learn, the more we can tailor our products to their needs. We have asked our customers to respond to their purchases in writing when they can, and we now keep receiving fantastic testimonials from all over the country validating our ethic, mission, and custom quality work.We wanted to share a few of our client comments with you, as like proud parents, we are excited that people are delighted with the many elements that are making our designs so in-demand.

Eco-Friendly Choices

With more people going Green, we are impressed with how this is affecting their choices on so many levels. Our readers find that our blogs are helping them understand what it means to be eco friendly, and that it is not just enough to recycle garbage.  Knowing what goes into conventional production and manufacturing processes and how toxic practices not only to pollute air and water, but also penetrate the skin and negatively impact workers, wildlife, and more, is widely appreciated.  We want to keep this info front and center to remind people of why it is so important to go Green, and it seems to be working.

Linda in Los Feliz, California

I know how important it is to recycle bottles, paper, and plastic, and of course this has become a part of how we live our lives today. But I never knew the details of what goes into making a piece of furniture in terms of toxic glues and finishes. Reading about your environmentally friendly process of low VOC materials has really made a difference. Now I look only for Green furniture, which means that eventually my whole apartment is going to be designed by Viesso!

James in Tarzana, California

I just bought the Budin Bed from your online catalogue, mostly because I really like the design and the way it holds storage in the bottom. The other day I read about Bamboo, and I have to say I am really impressed about how great it looks and how at the same time it is such a great alternative to cutting down trees unnecessarily. I’ll be buying more of your bamboo products in the future.

Henrietta in Gresham, Oregon

Viesso has helped me understand the difference between eco and non eco-friendly furniture, not only in terms of what goes into production, but also how it affects my health and the health of my family. I had no idea we were breathing in so many chemicals from non-organic upholstery, rugs, and all the rest. It’s so great that there is a stylish alternative to all of the conventional home furnishings. I love your products and all of your great designers. Many customers comment on how chic and contemporary our designs can be. They love that they can find functionality combined with simple elegance.

Richard from Brentwood, California

I was looking for something with clean lines and a masculine look for my bedroom and found your Worth platform bed online. Sight unseen (except for the picture), I bought it. I’m still marveling that something so elegant and beautifully designed is that affordable. I’ve just placed a second order for the Teak Icon pool lounger and am looking forward to ordering more from you when I need it. Jennifer from Aurora, ColoradoWow, the Brix Wide storage units I bought from the online Viesso catalogue are exactly what I needed for my at-home office. They stack, so I can create them the way I need to, which has changed everything in the room. Now things are organized! I love that they sit low on the ground, but can be piled high to create a really sleek and modern looking column. I may just have to order more!

The Convenience of Customization

Our customers recognize the convenience of customization.  We’ve gotten a lot of comments on how their ability to have a hand in the design of the pieces they choose is so essential to the right fit and look for their homes and offices.

Candy from Highland Park, California

I have a very small loft and wanted to create a completely new look for it this year. I shopped around, but couldn’t find anything that fit what I was looking for, which was something modern, but at the same time warm and inviting. When a friend told me about Viesso, I was able to find a great range of furniture that was just right. And the best part is that I bought a sofa, and two chairs for my living room that I helped to design myself! They took my exact measurements and then we covered it in a beautiful warm-toned fabric that fits perfectly with what I imagined. Viesso is a great company and I look forward to buying more soon.

Martin from Belleville, Illinois

There are so many great designs in your catalogue that it was hard to make a choice. I finally picked the Strata Sectional and customized it in Calvin Chocolate.  It’s a totally Green piece, which makes me feel good about doing my part for the environment. It looks really great in my apartment and makes a great hangout for watching movies and entertaining, and I loved that it arrived exactly when they said it would.

Charlie from Tarzana, California

I ordered my conference table from Viesso and they were able to make it to the exact dimensions I needed for our office. I also picked a stain that would work with the rest of our furniture and they were able to make this happen. Being made of bamboo, I now have a completely sustainable table that seems to be making quite an impression on my clients.

The Convenience of Ordering from Home

We were very happy to get comments not just on our Viesso line, but on the other designers we represent. Customers also love ordering from home, as it gives them time to make up their minds on exactly what works for them.

Amy from Oakland, California

We needed some really great office furniture for our new business and found everything we wanted at your online store. So convenient! Not having to take the time out to go to a showroom makes a big difference, and it’s great not to have the pressure of salespeople, which sometimes can force a decision you don’t want to make. We combined a few of your designer pieces to make a beautiful space. Every client who walks in our door comments on how special the place feels. Thank you Viesso!

Edwin from Cincinnati, Ohio

It would be great to go to the L.A. showroom to do my furniture shopping, but too far, and too expensive. A friend who bought some Viesso furniture that I like told me about the online store, and so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m not a big online shopper because I like to see and feel what I’m buying. But it was easy and I found a lot of things that work well in my house. This company has not just their own stuff, but also from other good companies. I like the fact that most of the furniture is Green minded. Shopping there is a really good experience and it’s where I will go from now on. I’m recommending Viesso to everyone I know. Contact Us TodayFor more information on how you too can order your custom made furniture from our online store, or our showroom in Los Angeles, please visit us at: