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Ethanol Fireplaces, Eco Fireplaces, and Modern Fireplaces

Welcome to the new age of fire, where logs and chimneys need not apply. Ventless, efficient and consisting of no harmful emissions, these beautiful fireplaces heat your space in the healthiest way possible, and too great doing it.

  • Clean Emissions

    Bioethanol is completely composed of biological products. The combustion of bio ethanol results in a clean emission: Heat, Steam and Carbon Dioxide.

  • Odorless

    The fuel burns with no odor, so you don't smell anything and can just enjoy the beautiful fire.

  • Renewable

    The bioethanol fuel is derived as a renewable byproduct of plants the farming industry.

  • Energy Efficient

    The fuel burns at a very efficient rate, and you don't need a chimney of flue so the heat stays.