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  • Formaldehyde-free Bamboo

    A sustainable material, bamboo grows very quickly and our solid bamboo is free of harsh chemicals.

  • Responsibly Sourced Hardwood

    The hardwoods we use are sourced domestically, and in a responsible manner.

  • Water Based Stains

    Water based adhesives emit far less VOC's (Volatile Organic compounds) than conventional solvent based versions.


Eco-Friendly Storage

Beyond just the functionality of a piece, you should consider what its made of. There ar ea lot of cheap units that are made from bad materials and won't last. Surround yourself with natural, high quality products and reduce the chemicals you're exposed to with our line of

eco-friendly storage

furniture. Explore The Materials

These are exclusive designs you can customize, all with eco options. Ready in just 3 weeks! learn more

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    Atten Credenza
    Atten Credenza

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