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India IND-1 Rug by Chandra
India IND-1 Rug
  • India IND-1 Rug by Chandra
  • India IND-1 Rug by Chandra, showing closeup of rug.
  • India IND-1 Rug by Chandra, showing corner of rug.

India IND-1 Rug

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Breathe new life to your simple living room by bringing home the uniquely designed India IND-1 Rug. Carefully hand woven by the expert team of Chandra, this vertically striped rug in the shades of orange is sure to become vogue among the onlookers in no time. The fine quality cotton construction makes it durable in nature, while the mid pile technology ensures softer feel underfoot. Available in the wide array of colors, this attractive rug is certainly the smartest way to grab the attention of everyone around and leave a long lasting impression on them.
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  • Size 1: 24"W x 36"L, 3 lbs
    Size 2: 30"W x 90"L, 5 lbs
    Size 3: 42"W x 66"L, 6 lbs
    Size 4: 60"W x 90"L, 12 lbs
    Size 5: 93"W x 126"L, 30 lbs
  • Content: Made of Cotton which provides durable and mid-pile is soft feel, wide range of colors, ideal for high-traffic areas.

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