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Nenúfar Pendent Light by Marset
Nenúfar Pendent Light
  • Nenúfar Pendent Light by Marset
  • Nenúfar Pendent Light by Marset, live shoot of the lamp.

Nenúfar Pendent Light

  • Black

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A chromed metal stem supports a system of one, two, or three polycarbonate discs, attached at varying heights and with 120 degrees of separation between. A diffuser with a strip of perimeter LEDs projects the light downwards.
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  • Dimension: 3A & 3B Canopy: 15.75"Dia. X 2.76"H, Light Set: 19.69"
    Weight: 3A & 3B 21.15 lbs & 15.64 lbs

    Dimension: 5A & 5B Canopy: 19.29"Dia. X 2.76"H, Light Set: 25.59"
    Weight: 5A & 5B 35.25 lbs & 27.98 lbs

    Dimension: 7A & 7B Canopy: 25.59"Dia. X 2.76"H, Light Set: 31.5"
    Weight: 7A & 7B 49.35 lbs & 38.33 lbs

    Dimension: 9A & 9B Canopy: 33.46"Dia. X 2.76"H, Light Set: 39.37"
    Weight: 9A & 9B 63.45 lbs & 46.92 lbs
  • About the Metal: Chromed metal.
  • Finish: Black & White.

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