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Our Story

A Moment of Inspiration

While sitting on a bench at one of LA’s outdoor malls in 2005, staring at one of the furniture industry’s behemoth showrooms with homogeneous products, we thought to ourselves, there has to be a better way. Most furniture companies presented their products in an outdated and inefficient fashion, and consumers were forced to settle for products that were generic and didn’t fit their specific needs. It became clear we needed to create an innovative process that allowed for maximum customization, with a website and outstanding customer service at the core of the company.

Bringing Viesso to Life

With diverse backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and a lot of hard work, we started something fresh. After analyzing the available technology and options for furniture materials, we seized an opportunity to create this company, focusing on modern technology as well as modern design. We started selling original products out of our apartments in the spring of 2005, and have worked continually to manifest the initial idea ever since.

Today & Tomorrow

Our aim is to be the best solution for modern furniture. We continue to expand our Eco-friendly products, and carry amazing products from the diverse brands we offer. While we curate and sell all our quality products on our website, we support that offering with free honest design help to allow people to make educated (and stylish) decisions. By blending customization, modern technology, smart design, and sustainable living, we hope to offer a refreshing way for you to furnish your space.