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Renaissance Black
Renaissance Black Rug
  • Renaissance Black

Renaissance Black Rug

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The new renaissance black rug is an exceptionally beautiful masterpiece with the perfect amalgamation of design and craftsmanship. It has been worked out with a various blocks that represent various shades in brown with dark and mysterious pattern all over. The light patterns on a considerably darker background emanate a truly mesmerizing and mysteriously shadowy effect. These are intricately woven of best variety of Indo-Tibetan wool that has a ribbon-like texture and feels like super-soft satin. The dye used is completely natural. There is absolutely no way one could go wrong with this choice because it speaks volumes of great taste, class and exquisiteness. Adorn these pieces in your room and we bet you will love the effect it produces.
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  • Size 1: 62" W x 90" L, 45 lbs
    Size 2: 78" W x 114" L, 65 lbs
    Size 3: 94" W x 118" L, 93 lbs
  • Content: Wool
  • Dye Info: Non-chemical, natural dyes used.

How It's Green

  • Material: Indo-tibetan wool.
  • Manufacturing Process: Handknotted.
  • Low Chemical Use: The dye is AZO-free, and there is no use of chemicals which are HAP (Hazardous Air Pollution) in the manufacturing of these rugs.

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