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Renaissance Sand
Renaissance Sand Rug
  • Renaissance Sand

Renaissance Sand Rug

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This unique rug has a very soft and lively surface, with intricate weaving of ribbon like material. It is smooth and feels like the material from a soft dress.
about Mat Vintage
  • Size 1: 62" W x 90" L, 45 lbs
    Size 2: 78" W x 114" L, 65 lbs
    Size 3: 94" W x 118" L, 93 lbs
  • Content: Wool
  • Dye Info: Non-chemical, natural dyes used.

How It's Green

  • Material: Wool
  • Manufacturing Process: Mat
  • Low Chemical Use: The dye is AZO-free, and there is no use of chemicals which are HAP (Hazardous Air Pollution) in the manufacturing of these rugs.

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