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Wink Orange
Wink Orange Rug
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Wink Orange Rug

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The Wink Orange Rug by Mat the Basics is part of a collection of uniquely decorative area rugs whose designs are sourced from around the world to reflect the life and times of the global community. The luxurious, modern rug is handmade, hand stitched, and hand finished using only the finest all-natural wool. The soft and lively surface of the modern rug is achieved using only non-chemical, natural dyes and has intricately woven ribbons which are soft and luxurious to the touch, like ruffling your fingers through a designer couture dress. Mat the Basics is as socially conscious as they are environmentally aware, continuously striving to improve the standard of living of their weavers and valiantly fighting to protect women’s right to work in the countries where they operate.
about Mat Orange
  • Size 1: 60" W x 84" L, 40 lbs
    Size 2: 90" W x 114" L, 90 lbs
  • Content: Wool
  • Dye Info: Non-chemical, natural dyes used.

How It's Green

  • Material: Wool
  • Manufacturing Process: Mat
  • Low Chemical Use: The dye is AZO-free, and there is no use of chemicals which are HAP (Hazardous Air Pollution) in the manufacturing of these rugs.

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