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Elegant profiles and beautiful proportions distinguish the modern furniture and lighting designs of the Toronto-based furniture company, Gus

A unique voice in the world of sustainability and design. Their solid wood pieces are built to last, evoking a warmth and craftsmanship of years past with designs that are very contemporary.


Fermob brings style and color to your outdoor space through their bistro chairs and bistro tables. Their beautiful designs have been around for decades, designed and built in France.

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Skagerak is a family-owned company with historical roots in Scandinavian and proud furniture traditions. Our vision is to create products that are ensured a long lifespan by virtue of their aesthetic and functional qualities.

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EQ3 offers a full line of core pieces and accents for the home, all at excellent prices.

Finally, good design meets good materials. Learn about what the brands we work with are doing to make eco-friendly furniture.