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Eco-Friendly Furniture

In addition to the best design, we seek out the best materials to offer eco-friendly furniture. There are a lot of ways to define this term, but for us it comes down to trying to protect the planet as well as your home. We've gathered a collection of brands that utilize materials with more sustainable sources and less harmful chemicals. This all adds up to giving you eco-friendly furniture that's good for you and the environment, and lasts a very long time.


Wood has always been the core material in the Ethnicraft range. They are deeply aware of the impact of our industry on the environment and take environmental issues to heart: the origin of the wood, the energy used in the production and distribution process, the treatment of the products and waste reduction – they try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Love, protect, and respect nature. And live surrounded by it...Fermob's business is outdoors, which is why sustainability and respect for the environment are naturally rooted in their culture - and in their production process too! Today, 98% of metals are recycled worldwide. Fermob can thus guarantee that its furniture is not just recyclable, but actually recycled!

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Cerno is a family, friendship and homage to the founders' pasts. Twenty-five years ago they were kids growing up in Laguna Beach, California. Their Values are inevitably a product of their heritage. Laguna Beach’s creative culture and its natural environment played a significant role in shaping the professional and aesthetic ideals that guide Cerno today. Solid woods and metals are forged in their Southern California studio into gorgeous lighting solutions for the home.

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Many teak buildings, neglected and no longer in use, are found scattered around the island of Java. Re-using the wood from these structures, instead of cutting new trees, helps to protect one of the world’s most fragile environments. Recycled teak, found on many of the Mamagreen collections, is especially resistant to weathering after being used for decades and is therefore an ideal material to produce long-lasting furniture pieces. They also use steel and aluminum, both highly recyclable.

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Their products are designed and built to last, using sourced materials and as little as possible to minimize waste during production and fabrication. Solid woods lend a timeless quality. They avoid nasty VOC-releasing finishes and formaldehyde glues, choose recyclable materials when possible, and responsibly dispose waste.

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FSC certified solid wood frames ensure your upholstered pieces from Gus will last. Select upholstered products use an eco-friendly synthetic-down upholstery fill, derived from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. Like nearly all of the products on Viesso, Gus prides themselves in ensuring no fire retardants are used anywhere.

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Greenington’s president and founder was manufacturing high quality bamboo products for over twenty years before he entered the business of creating his own line of high quality solid bamboo furniture in 2004. Because of his expertise in working with the planet’s most eco-friendly, rapidly renewable resource, Greenington’s fine bamboo furniture has quickly risen to the top of the industry, known for its enduring beauty, style and quality.

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AREA uses only top notch natural fibers. Excellent quality means a long, comfortable life for their bedding, which is good for everyone. Their factories in Europe adhere to Oeko-Tex safety standards. By regulating known and suspected chemicals, these rules ensure that workers remain healthy and our products are safe. AREA's use of pure linen or a linen-cotton blend is a great choice environmentally. Linen uses fewer chemicals in the production cycle and lasts longer as linen fibers are 2-3 times stronger than cotton. Organic cotton is also available on select designs.



Bend is committed to considering issues of environmental impact and responsible manufacturing processes. Their workforce is treated with utmost respect and their facilities minimize waste. All their products are made from iron, an inexhaustible and highly recyclable resource, and wood that is locally sourced and sustainable. They have designed packaging so it is easy to ship, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. Bend's products contribute to LEED certification.

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